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The illustrious class of 1961

The illustrious Class of 1961 had their 50th Golden Anniversary Jubilee recently - for the full story and photos, visit

Tracey Woon-Oh ’79 sends her greetings to all - “I am Head of Global Banking for Citigroup in Singapore, responsible for the bank's corporate and investment banking franchise.” She is married, with 3 grown children.


Naresh Mahtani '81 and Jacinta Mahtani '81 and familyNaresh Mahtani ’81 gives us his 30-year alumnus update: “I am still practising law after 3 decades, presently at ATMD Bird & Bird LLP, a firm I co-founded in the mid-90s, and practising mainly dispute resolution, as well as projects in India and the region. I’m married to Jacinta ’81, my Law School classmate, with 3 children in their 20’s … none of whom wish to follow their parents' footsteps in law … yet!”


A Alamelu ’82 says hello! Alamelu is currently lecturing part-time at the Singapore Institute of Management.


Maina Khialani ’84 remembers Singapore fondly, from Australia – “I live in sunny Sydney with my husband Neil and my two daughters Divya (18) and Tali (13). I miss the hawker food and the childhood friends and connections I have in Singapore. Love you, Singapore.”


Lilian Tsi Siew Chin ’87 sends her regards from America – she is living in San Francisco, and is married with 2 children, aged16 and 11.  She is working full-time in financial services. 


Ang Keng Heng ’88 sends greetings from Dubai, where he has been working since September 2010, as Director of Legal Operations in Schlumberger.


Our thanks to Sazalina Kamarudin ’90, for her encouraging message to LawLink, to “keep up the good work” – Thank you Sazalina; we intend to do just that!


Arivanantham s/o Krishnan ’90 says hello! He a partner in Ari Goh & Partners, and is a volunteer with the Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme. He is married with two children.


Helen Ann Karuman ’90 returned to Singapore 5 years ago, after working in Hong Kong for over 12 years in the banking & software industries. She is currently working in the logistics industry here.


Tan Chau Yee ’91 is currently practising at Harry Elias Partnership LLP.  Chau Yee says, “This year is the 20th Anniversary of our graduation from Law School, and I look forward to catching up with old friends at our reunion.” We look forward to helping your class organise your reunion, Chau Yee!


Eric Chan '92Eric Chan ’92 is back in legal practice, after a lengthy stint at the Monetary Authority of Singapore and a shorter stint at American Express Bank.  Along the way, he discovered a passion for scuba diving, and also got married.  He is now a qualified scuba diving instructor and teaches scuba diving and goes on dive trips to exotic locations, whenever he is not practising financial regulatory law at Drew & Napier.


Yuina Ng ’92 has been one busy lady! She reports that she has been spending the past decade moving around the Asia-Pacific region. “I first left Singapore for Thailand to volunteer as a teacher in a refugee camp there.  When my 2-year stint came to an end, I had the opportunity to go to Kuala Lumpur to work, back in the video production industry I'd left.  Then Cebu (Philippines) called to me, and eventually I went from producing videos to fashion jewellery. I've been in Cebu for 5 years now.” Send us a picture, Yuina!


Lutfi Hussin ’93 sent us a photo of a recent lunchtime meet-up with fellow schoolmates (from left to right) Raja Bose ’92, Alan Loh ’92 and S Mohan ’92. Thank you, Lufti!

Rajah Bose '92, Alan Loh '92, S Mohan '92, and Lutfi Hussin '93 

Andrew Ong Ser Choong ’93 sends greetings from Finland. He is there with his family, working for Nokia, heading up their global in-house legal department.


Low Wai Cheong ’93 reports that he is in a happy partnership with fellow classmates Chris Chong Chee Keong ’93 and Ho Chee Tong ’93; and two other lawyers. Their firm, Chris Chong & C T Ho Partnership, was formed in April 2004.


Our very own Rani Singam '94 is featured in the hottest single and video to be making the round in the Singapore music scene! In honour of this year's Total Defence Day on 15 February 2011, 39 of Singapore's best-known singers (including Rani, of course!) came together to record a remake of the song 'Home' - the undeniable favourite of all our National Day songs since its debut in 1998. You can see her cameo here < > , she is featured at 1:57! You can also do your bit for charity by downloading the video - through a partnership with Community Chest, every download of the music video will be matched by a $1 donation to ComChest, jointly contributed by various organisations.


Here’s the latest news from regular LawLink reader Shanti Abraham ’94: “I have been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 13 years now, having married a Malaysian shipping lawyer, Matthew - who seems to spend more time in Singapore than I do! I have my own little practice where I focus on a unique combination of medico-legal matters and corporate work. My workaholic tendencies have been kept in check by my greatest pride – the dynamic duo Atiya & Anya who have both just turned 3 years old in January 2011. LawLink has been great to help me keep in touch with happenings back home in Singapore. I am eagerly awaiting the next reunion of my great class of '94!”


Ruth Rene Chia Hui-Huang ’94 says “Hei!” from Finland, where she is serving as an elected governer on the Board of International School of Helsinki (ISH).


Gerry and Dash - doggies of Max Ng '95Max Ng ’95 reports that the second edition of his book, Lexisnexis Law For Business Series : Intellectual Property (co- written with Daniel Lim ’95 and Adrian Loke) has recently been published. You can find out more information on his book at

 It’s not all work and no play for Max, though – he has recently moved down to Sentosa Cove, to try out life by the sea. He says, “Many people remarked that with the long drive into Sentosa and with only one bridge linking it to the mainland, accessibility would be a problem and we would not be very popular with visitors. Well, 30,000 people descended on the island during last year’s Zouk Out festival, so no lack of visitors there! It has been very therapeutic so far, and anyone willing to make the trek down there is welcome to drop by. Look out for a mad cocker spaniel, pulling his owners along for a walk…” Max has kindly provided us with a photo of his dogs, Gerry (cocker spaniel) and Dash (golden retriever), for ease of identification.


Suzanne Lim '96In keeping with the doggie theme, Suzanne Lim ’96 has sent us a photo of herself with her furry buddy, Eddy the Jack Russell Terrier. Gotta love those matching pearly-whites!


From behind the bar at TAB, the restaurant/bar at Orchard Hotel, Michael Puhaindran '96 has good news for us! Using his powers as Chief Imbiber at TAB, he has secured a one-for-one deal for all housepour drinks on Wednesdays for all Law School alumni. All you have to do is leave your business card at the bar. 

If you are not inclined to imbibe, Michael says there is still plenty to see and do at TAB: "In addition to live music performances on a day-to-day basis, TAB also organises weekly swing dance and jazz sessions every Monday, and monthly stand-up comedy performances in partnership with The Comedy Club. The kitchen serves comfort food and pub grub till late, too!"

Michael recommends Ron Zacapa, a 23 year old rum which he says tastes like Christmas pudding.  He also recommends the Charlie Brown, which is like “drinking liquid Reese’s” and their signature cocktail, the fanTABulous, made with cucumber juice, elder flower and gin. “It’s the perfect health booster,” he quips.


Our very own Lyn Lee ’96 has been featured on the BBC! BBC News Business recently interviewed her about the success of her now multi-national chocolate business, Awfully Chocolate. Well done, Lyn! You can watch her interview and read the accompanying article here:


The children of Dany Leong ’96 (formerly Danny Leong Chi-Keong) and Avalyn Lim ’97 (formerly Lim Bee Hong)

Husband and wife Dany Leong ’96 (formerly Danny Leong Chi-Keong) and Avalyn Lim ’97 (formerly Lim Bee Hong) write: “Dany is still running his video production house; he most recently did a high-speed video wall for the Youth Olympic Games, corporate videos for 1-Altitude and TV commercials for Toy Factory’s last few musicals, including Shanghai Blues and December Rains (not to be confused with Guns n Roses’ ‘November Rain’!). Avalyn is in business development at American Express, focusing on developing business partnerships for the premium offshore Cards product line. After work, all our time is spent on the 3 kids: Adan (aged 6), Summer n Anaïs (aged 2); and Dany and and Avalyn try to catch up on years of sleep deprivation!”


Nicholas Philip Lazarus ’97 and his bride PhyllisCongratulations to Nicholas Philip Lazarus ’97, who was married in December 2010! He sent us a beautiful picture of him with his lovely bride, Phyllis.


Congratulations are also in order for Goh Yin Dee ’97 on the birth of her beautiful baby girl Victoria Thia in 2010! Yin Dee says, “She is a precious bundle of joy. My husband and I look forward to bringing her for our first family overseas trip together.”Remember to send us some of your holiday snaps, Yin Dee, we’d love to publish them!


a fresco from Namiko Chan Takahashi ’97Professional artist Namiko Chan Takahashi ’97 attended a fresco-making workshop held at the National Museum in December 2010, which was held in conjunction with a visiting exhibition on Pompeii. (The Pompeii exhibition includes the ancient frescoes preserved in the Roman houses of the people of Pompeii and the Southern Italian region of Campania, up to the moment of the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79.) Namiko says, “The Italian fresco maestro, Giuseppe Candeloro, brought us through step by step the ancient fresco technique. The fresco technique involves painting with powder pigment directly onto wet plaster. The pigment sinks into the wet plaster on the wall and is fixed almost permanently and becomes part of the wall. This is my second time attending a workshop by Maestro Giuseppe, and it was fantastic!” Thanks to Namiko for sending us a picture of the beautiful fresco which she produced in this workshop!


ClassAction received its most philosophical alumnus update to date from Chia Ti Lik ’98, who says “I am embracing the challenges that life presents; and doing the things that time permits. At the same time I am seeking to look deeper, so that I may understand more about myself and the best role that I should play in my time on this earth.” We wish you all the best on your quest, Ti Lik.


Patrick Phua ’98 says hello from China. He is a partner at the Beijing office of Mallesons Stephen Jaques, specialising in banking and finance, with a focus on derivatives and structured finance.


Ung Gim Sei ’02 reports: “I am now working in the IP Department of KhattarWong handling registration, prosecution and sometimes litigation of IP matters. I also handle some legal matters relating to China. I write regularly in Chinese for the daily newspaper Zaobao on legal topics, or answer matters relating to legal issues as raised by the readers.” Gim Sei, we know whom to call if we ever launch a Chinese-language issue of LawLink!


Bobby Babuji Jacob (LLM) ’05 says “Hoi!” from Switzerland – he is working for the ABB group at their corporate headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland as Legal Counsel, specialising in M&A and Corporate Finance.


Quek Wen Hui, Valerie ’05 is back in Singapore, after spending some time in the US. She reports: “I left for the States after working as a corporate lawyer for 4 years in Singapore. I am now back in Singapore with my hubby and we have a beautiful little girl. It’s great to keep in touch with the alumni and old friends, as always!” We’d love to have a photo of your daughter for the next issue of ClassAction, Valerie!


Wang Zhongyi (DipSing) ’08 sends greetings from the UK, and welcomes contact from any Singaporean and Malaysian alumni who are heading that way!


Xiaochuan Weng (LLM) ’08 says, “I am still chipping away my doctoral dissertation at Penn Law. I have also been invited by Yale Law School Corporate Law Study Center to participate in research.” Xiaochuan hopes to be awarded the degree in 2012; and though enjoying the experience of studying in the US, maintains: “The NUS study experience is the one I can’t forget. I hope I will have a chance to go back to the Bukit Timah Campus.” Come see us anytime, Xiaochuan!


Kalpana Tyagi (LLM) ’09 is one busy lady – the eponymous founder of her own law firm in India, she reports that besides being a international lawyer and arbitrator, she is also a TV Presenter, Writer, Radio Jockey and Theater Artist! She writes: “I firmly believe in making a positive difference to society and am actively associated with various social & charitable institutions, organising Legal & Medical Aid camps.”


Why not let your old classmates know where you are or what you're doing? Send us an update when you Update Your Particulars or you can email us at 

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