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Assoc Prof Chin Tet Yung, Justice Steven Chong ’82, Justice Andrew Phang ’82, Prof Tan Sook Yee, Justice V K Rajah ’82 and Dean Tan Cheng Han SC '87

Law School has launched the Tan Sook Yee Prize in Property Law in honour of former Dean Professor Tan Sook Yee

Generations of Law School students remember with fondness (and perhaps a bit of trepidation) the hours spent in Professor Tan Sook Yee’s Property Law lectures, and most memorably her tutorials; during which she addressed you only by your surname – with the confounding result of making you feel simultaneously very grown-up, and in a complete panic, in case you did not know how to answer the tutorial question directed at you.


When it comes to Property Law, Professor Tan Sook Yee literally wrote the book – she is the author of the seminal text on Singapore property law, “Principles of Land Law” (now in its third edition); and in 1998 also wrote “Private Ownership of Public Housing in Singapore”, which examines the question of whether it is appropriate to refer to the rights of the HDB flat dwellers as ownership.


When it comes to Property Law, Professor Tan Sook Yee literally wrote the book

Professor Tan Sook Yee joined the University of Singapore on 1 May 1964 (as it was known then) as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Law. She served as Vice Dean during Senior Minister S. Jayakumar’s deanship, before taking up the office of Dean and serving two terms with distinction from 1980-1987.


Professor Tan retired from the University in 2005. In Oct 2007, the Faculty launched a book entitled “Lives in the Law”, featuring essays written by Law lecturers, in recognition of the work of three legal luminaries, one of whom was Professor Tan.


In honour of Professor Tan’s illustrious career, the Faculty of Law launched the Tan Sook Yee Prize in Property Law in January 2011.


As a tribute to Professor Tan, five distinguished alumni from the Class of 1982 made a combined gift of S $15,000 to the Faculty. Judges of Appeal Justice Andrew Phang ’82 and Justice V K Rajah ’82, High Court Judge Justice Steven Chong ’82 and Mr Davinder Singh SC ’82 (Chief Executive Officer of Drew & Napier LLC) and Mr Jimmy Yim SC ’82 (Managing Director of Drew & Napier LLC) were all undergraduates at Law School during her deanship.


The expendable gift will support one prize valued at S$1,000 per Academic Year at the Faculty of Law for the next fifteen years, and will be presented to the law student attaining the highest marks in the subject of Property Law.


March 2011

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