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Rani Singam '94


Rani Singam ’94 has exciting news for us - she writes: "Dear friends and fellow alumni, it has been a wonderful 9 years since I made my career switch to become a singer. Thank you for your support in all these years. I am very happy to share with you the release of my second album ‘Contentment’. Reflective, romantic and bold, ‘Contentment’ is about songs of love, empowerment and life with its many complexities. I hope to see you at its debut performances on Nov 16 & 17!”

A fresh approach to jazz vocals, ‘Contentment’ contains original compositions written by Rani and fellow Law School alumnus Chok Kerong ’08To find out more, click here.

The family of Priscilla Soh '96Priscilla Soh ’96 sends us two beautiful works of art – a water colour painting of a crane, by her son Ethan Chang (aged 8), and an acrylic on canvas painting by younger son Matthew Chang (aged 6). Priscilla says, “Matthew does ‘serious’ paintings at art class; but on his own time, Angry Birds, Star Wars and Transformers are his drawings of choice!” We can’t wait to see what Hannah (aged 3.5 years) will produce, Priscilla – we hope you send us a sample of her work too!

Water colour painting of a crane, by Ethan Chang (aged 8), son of Priscilla Soh '96Acrylic on canvas painting by Matthew Chang (aged 6), son of Priscilla Soh '96 

Byron Te ’96 shared with us this adorable photo of his daughter, Sophie Rae (aged 8 months). He informs us that with her cool sunglasses on, she should be be referred to as the “TE-rminator”!

Sophie Rae, daughter of Byron Te '96 

Congratulations to Gerardine Goh Escolar ’02 on the publication of the book which she co-authored: Contemporary Issues and Future Challenges in Air and Space Law (2011: Air and Space Books, Leiden). Gerardine says, “The book addresses issues on aviation security, safety, environmental protection, and economic opportunity.” The book even covers issues relating to the exploration and use of outer space, like the regulation of satellite operations, and how to deal with artificial space debris in earth orbit! Other legal issues include the use of satellite technologies for disaster management.

Gerardine, now an Associate Legal Officer at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, is well-qualified to co-author this tome; having previously been Legal Counsel and Project Manager at the German Aerospace Center in Bonn, an Associate Scholar of the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden University, a Fellow of the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety and an Associate with the Committee on Space Research, International Council for Science. She is also a member of the International Law Association, International Institute of Space Law, European Centre for Space Law, and Women in Aerospace Europe. The first print of the book is already sold out! Watch this space for updates on how you can place an order for the next print run.


Sathiaseelan Jagateesan '02 and Ganga Avadiar '02 welcomed their second child on 2 September 2011. Baby Rishaan shows great promise of turning out every bit as adorable as his older brother, Arjun. Congratulations to the happy family!

Rishaan, son of Sathiaseelan Jagateesan '02 and Ganga Avadiar ' 02  

Sunil Sudheesan '04 and Sharon Tan '06 were married on 4 September 2011. The groom (having emceed countless friends' weddings) deemed no other emcee good enough, and so emceed his own wedding! You can well imagine how colourful this wedding party was. Congratulations, you two!

Sharon Tan '06 and Sunil Sudheesan '04

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