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New Team for Law School Deanery 

The Vice-Deans play a vital role in supporting and executing the vision of Law School. Meet the new (and returning) Vice Deans for 2012. 

With a new year comes a new decanal team (Ed: that’s Deanery to us ordinary folk!). Here are the people who will be working closely with new Dean Simon Chesterman in the coming year:-

Dr Stephen Girvin has been Vice Dean for Research since 2010, and will be continuing in that role. His Research Seminar Series plays a crucial role in binding the Law Faculty together as a community of scholars. Stephen’s portfolio has expanded to include the Faculty’s doctoral programme, to help integrate our doctoral students into the Faculty’s research activities.

Says Simon: “Stephen has also encouraged colleagues, individually and through our various Centres, to be more ambitious in pursuing and promoting their research. With the launch of the new Centre for Asian Legal Studies, the Centre for Law & Business, and major research projects coming up in 2012, this will be a challenging period.”

Professor Ng-Loy Wee Loon ’87 will be taking over from Associate Professor Victor Ramraj as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs on 1 June 2012. Her portfolio will now include the graduate coursework programme as well as the curriculum review process.

In her own words, Wee Loon defines her role as: “Working with faculty members to provide a legal education that develops our students' intellectual abilities, bringing out the best in them so that they can meet the various challenges in legal practice and, more generally, the Good the Bad and the Ugly in the real world!” Wee Loon was the recipient of NUS’s 2009/10 Annual Teaching Excellence Award. 

Simon says of Wee Loon: “In her field of research, there are few people who have done more to shape the practice and the study of intellectual property in Singapore. I have worked with Wee Loon for some time on the Faculty Curriculum Committee and been consistently impressed by her diligence and her judgment.”

Associate Professor Joel Lee has assumed the newly-minted position of Vice Dean for Student Affairs. Formerly a subset of the Academic Affairs portfolio, this now-separate portfolio represents the Decanal team’s focus on improving student life and activity at Law School. Joel says he hopes to “focus more on the student experience; create a vibrant community and buzz. Our Facebook initiative is meant to do that at a virtual level.” (To find out more about Law School’s new presence on Facebook, please visit

Joel won the Outstanding Educator Award in 2011 — the highest teaching honour that NUS bestows. Simon acknowledges: “It was a difficult choice to ask Joel to reduce his teaching load, thereby depriving some students of the opportunity to take his classes. But in this new capacity he will be influencing the experience of all students on our campus.”


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