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Re-live your Law IV days with Play Back Forward

What is one of your most vivid memories of NUS Law School? If you graduated in the 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s, chances are that it was your Law IV Concert. The rush for rehearsals in between classes, the panic for props that wouldn't work, and the laughs when listening to classmates whose singing was scratchy ... all culminating in that night (or nights) when everything came together and you basked in the bright lights.

When was the last time you met your Law IV concert friends? Why not get the gang together again, and check out what "these young people nowadays" are doing, and contribute to charity in the process!

This year's Law IV concert, Play Back Forward, will be held on the evenings of the 3rd, 4th and 5th of February 2012. If you need to find out more, read on. Otherwise, just click on right now and order your tickets.

With a completely original plot, script and score, the Law IVs present a tongue-in-cheek musical with lovable and memorable characters that will make you laugh, swoon and cry (in a good way)! 

The Story of Play Back Forward

The dynamic Lotus Sisters, Bee Lian (Loh Chiu Kuan) and Geok Lian (Tay Bing Wei) have run the Golden Lotus Video Store since the 1980s, providing generations with the entertainment and fantasy encapsulated in state-of-the-art Technicolor VHS tapes for rent.

Over the years, Jasmine (Samantha Shing), Bee Lian’s doe-eyed and impressionable daughter, has helped out at the store with her neighbour, longtime-friend and fellow schoolmate Lorenzo (Tan Yu Hang). Surrounded by poster-sized images of movies and Hollywood stars, she has since longed to one day live the life of the stars, or even better, live the movie-perfect fantasy.

It is now 2012, and technology has finally rendered traditional video tapes obsolete. The Golden Lotus Video Store now needs to turn a profit urgently, or it will be turned inside out. To make matters worse, Nathan Pok (Gregory Ang), an overnight YouTube and Television sensation manages to charm Jasmine with his slick moves and irresistible charisma into abandoning the store, her mother and her best friend for the big city and the big dreams.

All this while, the shy but devoted Lorenzo helplessly witnesses the dramatically tragic transformations of both his closest friend and his humble passion.

Can the VHS Store and Jasmine be saved from their paths of self-destruction? Will they re-discover the soul and character that makes them unique? Can dreams and fantasies survive the harsh reality of the modern world? 

Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening with your old classmates, doesn't it?

So click on while there are still tickets left, and we wish you a good time at Play Back Forward. 






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The Law IV Concert is an annual production and tradition that started in the 1980s. Every graduating class of NUS Law School presents an original musical production that showcases their untapped talents through song and music, with the ultimate aim of giving back to society.

This year, the two adopted charities are the Tan Ah Tah - SAWL Fund and the Gracehaven Children's Home.

Official Website:
Ordering Tickets:
Ticket Prices:
Standard Ticket: $20 (Free Seating)
Gala/Charity/Premium Ticket: $50
(includes order of DVD and reserved seating)