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Class Reunions


Class Reunions

One of the most anticipated events, the Class Reunions have classmates relive the spirit of camaraderie of those good old school days. For those of you who missed out on this year’s Alumni Day, read on to find out more on the excitement that went on. Lawlink also captured the action of Class of 2002, as they celebrate their landmark 10th year class reunion.


Alumni Day 2012 at Bukit Timah Campus

Class of 2002 10th Anniversary Reunion 

Alumni Day 2012 at Bukit Timah Campus

NUS alumni flocked back to the Bukit Timah Campus for Alumni Day 2012 - Trina Gan ’04 reports.

8 July 2012 saw a record number of 900 NUS alumni coming back to the Bukit Timah campus for Alumni Day @ Bukit Timah Campus.

Organised by the NUS Office of Alumni Relations, the annual event is always popular with our alumni, particularly those who spent their undergraduate years on the campus. Especially well-represented at this year’s Alumni Day was Law School’s pioneer class, represented by Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong ’61 (accompanied by his wife Elisabeth Chan ’64), S Rajendran ’61, Sachi Saugen ’61, and TPB Menon ’61.

Alumni were treated to a night of laughter and memories, with a programme that included performances by alumni, as well as a photo exhibition consisting of pictures contributed by alumni themselves. 

Sounds like fun? It certainly was! Make sure to join us for Alumni Day next year!

You can see more pictures of Alumni Day at the photo website.

Class of 2002 10th Anniversary Reunion

As word of a 10th anniversary reunion first spread to our class through social media and emails, the first thought that hit us was: Where did all that time go? We were pleasantly surprised (some might say shocked!) that we had already hit a significant milestone in the history of the Class of 2002.

We descended upon NUS Kent Ridge Guild House on Saturday morning, 14 July 2012, marvelling at the spanking new buildings that had emerged since we were last on campus. But any feelings of unfamiliarity disappeared as old faces starting appearing one by one, and conversations picked up where they had left off ten years ago. Many brought their toddlers and babies, contributing to the lively atmosphere, with much food, fun and laughter.

As we departed, contact details were exchanged with promises to meet and catch up, and not to wait another decade to see one another! That one short brunch reminded us all of old friendships, re-established contacts, and gave us all a renewed determination to maintain these friendships which are an essential part of our cherished Law School memories.

We are grateful to Law School for kindly sponsoring the buffet spread, and to the faculty staff for doing much of the organising and coordinating of the event. Special thanks goes to Trina Gan ’04 of NUS Law Faculty for suggesting the idea of a reunion to us, doing much of the organising and being a wonderful host.

Hsu Li Chuan ’02





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Upcoming Reunions

Combined Reunion for the Classes of 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977
  • 3 November 2012
  • 5:00 pm
  • Bukit Timah Campus

For the first time ever, Law School is organising a combined reunion – the Classes of 1974-77 will be sharing a joint reunion, for four times the fun!

The Organising Committee for the event comprises of representatives from each class, namely:

  • Mohandas Naidu ’74
  • Aziz Tayabali ’75
  • Carla Barker ’75
  • Denis Tan ’75
  • Radakrishnan s/o Somalingam ’75
  • Bernard Doray ’76
  • Chandra Mohan s/o K Nair ’76
  • Bobby Chia ’76
  • Peter Cuthbert Low ’77
  • Sarjit Singh ’77; and
  • Bhargavan Sujatha ’77.

Together with Law School, they look forward to welcoming classmates back to the Bukit Timah campus for an evening of good food and great company.

The Committee needs your help with putting together a special photo montage for the event and invites all classmates to share photographs of your Law School days. Please send your pictures, RSVPs and queries to

Class of 1982 30th Anniversary Reunion
  • 1 December 2012
  • 6:00 pm
  • Bukit Timah Campus

A message from your Organising Committee:

Dear Class of 1982,

 30 years have passed since your graduation from NUS Law School! Law School and the Class of 1982 Organising Committee (Jimmy Yim, Jo-Ann See, Vincent Hoong, Toh See Kiat and Louis D’Souza) are hatching plans for a wonderful celebration. It will be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the past and reminisce with old friends.

 Mark your calendar as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary Class Reunion on 1 December 2012, 6:00 pm at the NUS Faculty of Law!

In the meantime, if you have any old photographs or mementos to share, please contact Law School at:  . Please send your RSVPs and queries to the same email address too.