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Law Camp 2012 - Lettuce begin!

The annual Law Camp for freshmen was held from 3 to 6 June 2012, and involved sand, swimming pools and … lettuce?  Law Camp Head Lai Kai Bin ’15 explains.

Law Camp 2012 kicked off on Sunday, 3 June 2012, to deafening excitement from freshmen and camp facilitators alike.

 Camp Chief, Lai Kai Bin (Year 2), giving the freshmen their first briefing at Law Camp 2012

After some indoor ice breaker games, the campers moved outdoors for a variant of Captain’s Ball - played with fruit and vegetables in lieu of balls! The lettuce “ball” was a real hit (pun intended). As the lettuce flew through the air, it left a trail of green just like the contrail of a jet. Every time it hit the ground, there would be a magnificent burst of leaves. Perhaps they should consider using lettuce in the 2016 Olympic Games?

Freshmen playing the classic captain’s ball with a tomato twist

The second day of Law Camp brought the campers to Sentosa! They were taught a dance that they would perform with their “secret pal” at the Law Camp End Bash. After much twisting, turning and spinning courtesy of dance instructors Koh Jiawen ’15 and Rachel Lim ’16, it was time to play games.

The camp moved to Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Freshman Zansher Husref ’16 doing the elephant spin

One game involved the infamous “elephant spin” – resulting in campers stumbling and staggering their way to the beach, with many walking sideways – good thing the sand made for a soft landing, what with all the falling-over! All the after-effects of drinking, without having to imbibe any alcohol first …

The games ended with the camp facilitators being borne aloft by their campers, and then subsequently buried in the sand – a real Kodak moment!

OGLs Marcus Quek ’15 and Phoebe Sim ’15 buried in the sand by their freshmen

The highlight of the third day was the Water Telematch held at the Sports Recreation Centre at NUS (Kent Ridge). Campers showed off their swimming skills, "Captain's-Ball-In-Water" prowess, and a lot more. The “Mad Hatter” game consisted of two male campers forming a “chair bridge” with their arms, for a cap-wearing female camper to sit on. Teams then tried to snatch off the caps of opposing campers. As you can imagine, all hell broke loose.

Mad Hatter – Alice in Swimmingpoolland

OG Scarlet posing with the NUS Law Freshmen Orientation 2012 banner

On the evening of Wednesday, 6th June 2012, the campers gathered along the Singapore River next to Central at Clarke Quay to discover the identity of their “secret pal”. Together with their “secret pal” the campers played some games, and of course, did the Secret Pal Dance which they had learned two days before. The campers had a great time, and End Bash at Helipad was a success!

My memories of Law Camp 2012 are of hearty laughter and non-stop conversation. Campers were mingling freely with one another, like they had known each other for years. Law Camp 2012 was a great success because of the many people who worked tirelessly to ensure it would be so, and the enthusiastic campers who actively participated in the camp.







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You don’t have to be a pro,
to do pro bono.

Law Camp had lots of laughs, and provided a great bonding experience for freshmen and seniors alike. But it’s not just fun and games – Orientation 2012 also has a major pro bono component.

Throughout the months of July and August 2012, the Freshmen Orientation Central Committee (FOCC) has organised various pro bono activities for Law School freshmen to participate in, as part of their induction into Law School. Some of the events are:


  • The Golden Years Project
    Students will assist elderly persons living in one-room flats, by helping clean up their apartments and hosting a luncheon for them. The project will also launch a mobile legal clinics program to serve the needs of the elderly through practical means.
  • Legal Awareness Workshops @ Northlight School (LAWN)
    This is a series of interactive workshops conducted at Northlight School to raise legal awareness among the students there. The workshops cover topics such as gangs, bullying and drugs. which are of particular relevance to the students.


To find out more, go to the FOCC website