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Grey Hairs, Grey Matter and Turning 50 

25th Year Reunion for NUS Law Class of 1987

What happens when a class returns for its 25th year reunion? Jeremiah Choy ’87 shares his hearfelt experience.    

Reunion - a word that strikes both curiosity and anticipation in my heart. My NUS Law Class of 1987 had its 25th Anniversary reunion on 4 August 2012, at the NUS Guild House at Kent Ridge.

This event took 3 months to plan. Organised by almost the same people for the 20th Anniversary reunion, the "committee" met, planned and plotted the reunion amidst busy work schedules and mummy/daddy duties.  Fortunately, they were up to date with present day technology (thanks Serena Lim) like gmail docs, emails and mobile phone text messages (several hundreds, I last counted) and used them to discuss venue, quorum, payment and the food menu.

They also checked out the various venues, initially deciding on Suntec City Guildhouse, but then changed the venue to the NUS Guildhouse at Kent Ridge.  They had feared potential road congestions at Suntec City (wise choice) from the National Day Parade rehearsals. Unfortunately, one classmate did turn up at the Suntec City Guildhouse and later calmly likened the experience driving there to “a journey”.

Next, the hundreds of emails were sent to contact and cajole classmates to attend the reunion.  You may think this is an exaggeration, but have you seen email correspondences between legal practitioners?  Because they charge by the emails, the volume of correspondence was exceptional.  The quorum was finally met and the stage set for the reunion.

Who will be there? What will they look like? Will I still recognise their face? What if I forget their names? 

So with greatest anticipation, I arrived at our class reunion a little early (because I was tasked to be the emcee – yet again). Who will be there? What will they look like? Will I still recognise their face? What if I forget their names? All these questions raced through my brain.  

The reunion started well.  Most of the 50 arrived on time. There were lots of chatting and catching up. Although the thoughtful organising committee printed our names on labels (just in case), they were really not necessary

You see, strangely, apart from the grey hairs (or bald heads) on the men, everyone looked pretty much the same. The ladies however looked much better – I am almost certain none had artificial assistance. The men, on the other hand, really looked prosperous in a “pot-belly” like way.  More importantly though, everyone looked well and happy.

Thanks to Wilson Tan, we had ’80s music playing in the background. This provided a familiar comfort and the evening went very well.  After a quick round of food from the buffet table, we gathered round to look at the three videos that Gillian Kang put together. 

Looking at our ’80s perms and skinny frames, we “ahhed” and “oohed” at ourselves.. We didn’t have digital cameras in those days, so thanks Gillian Kang for scanning every photograph and providing that sentimental journey.  The names of our professors (Peter English, Stanley Yeo, Walter Woon) rolled off our tongues when we sighted their photographs. (If only they would give “Bs” in those days…)

After the slideshow, the ladies of the organising committee gave the men a surprise – a “yummi-licious” 50th Birthday cake with all 50 candles on it.  After the birthday song, Tan Loke Khoon delivered an inspiring “What’s it like to be 50” speech.  He recounted the hits and misses of those young and restless days.

We did a quick survey and I was surprised that amongst those who turned up, more than half are still in practice.  We were surprised to learn that one of our classmate is retired, one tried retirement but came out of it quickly, and several others are working towards early retirement. But the highlight of the survey must go to Tan Tze Gay for being with her one and only firm for 25 years!!

Three of our classmates came down from Kuala Lumpur and two from Hong Kong for the reunion.  We thank them for making the time and effort to renew old friendships. 

...due to non-disclosure agreements that I have signed, what was said in Evans Room that evening, must stay in Evans Room.

We then posed 5 “burning” questions to our local celebrities Tan Cheng Han and Wong Siew Hong.  However, due to non-disclosure agreements that I have signed, what was said in Evans Room that evening, must stay in Evans Room.  Then again, as I have learned in law school, matters are not always black and white, and instead several shades of grey. 

A toast was then raised in memory of Shaun Chan, who passed on in May this year.

By the end of the evening, my anticipation had dissipated and my curiosity satisfied.  I concluded that although we have all moved on in various directions since law school, we have  kept well, lived for almost half a century and are somewhat wiser and nicer.

Thanks again to the organising committee Gillian Kang, Tan Tze Gay, Tan Su May, Serena Lim, Chee Chuen Yee, Ambrose Chua, Herman Jeremiah and Wilson Tan.

Here’s to the next reunion in 2017.



The Class of '92 - Find out more about their upcoming reunion (and others) below

Combined Reunion for the Classes of 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977

  • 3 November 2012
  • 5:00 pm
  • Bukit Timah Campus
For the first time ever, Law School is organising a combined reunion – the Classes of 1974-77 will be sharing a joint reunion, for four times the fun!
The Organising Committee for the event comprises of representatives from each class, namely:
  • Mohandas Naidu ’74
  • Aziz Tayabali ’75
  • Carla Barker ’75
  • Denis Tan ’75
  • Radakrishnan s/o Somalingam ’75
  • Bernard Doray ’76
  • Chandra Mohan s/o K Nair ’76
  • Bobby Chia ’76
  • Peter Cuthbert Low ’77
  • Sarjit Singh ’77; and
  • Bhargavan Sujatha ’77.

Together with Law School, they look forward to welcoming classmates back to the Bukit Timah campus for an evening of good food and great company.

The Committee needs your help with putting together a special photo montage for the event and invites all classmates to share photographs of your Law School days. Please send your pictures, RSVPs and queries to

Class of '92 Reunion on 
Friday 2 November

The NUS Class of '92 will be holding its reunion at Fern & Kiwi on Friday 2 November 2012 beginning at 7.00 p.m.  We're calling it "Doing Good!". 

We are also seeking to raise funds for an inaugural grant for law students' pro bono efforts. 

Fore more details, please contact:



Class of 1982 30th Anniversary Reunion

  • 1 December 2012
  • 6:00 pm
  • Bukit Timah Campus

A message from your Organising Committee:

Dear Class of 1982,

30 years have passed since your graduation from NUS Law School! Law School and the Class of 1982 Organising Committee (Jimmy Yim, Jo-Ann See, Vincent Hoong, Toh See Kiat and Louis D’Souza) are hatching plans for a wonderful celebration. It will be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the past and reminisce with old friends.

 Mark your calendar as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary Class Reunion on 1 December 2012, 6:00 pm at the NUS Faculty of Law!

In the meantime, if you have any old photographs or mementos to share, please contact Law School at:  . Please send your RSVPs and queries to the same email address too. 






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