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Faces of Life (FoL) Law IV Concert, a trip down memory lane

Contributed by Peh Zu Hao '13 and Wang Liansheng '13, Producers of Law IV 2013

Every year, the graduating batch of students from the NUS Faculty of Law will put up a charity musical to do their part for the community, whilst showcasing the hidden talents of the batch. This year is no different. However, what was different was the approach taken by the organising committee this year.

Firstly, Law IV 2013 – Faces of Life adopted not one, but two beneficiaries – Class of 2013 Book Grant, a book grant launched to provide a platform for the batch to contribute back to the school even after we graduate, and Food from the Heart, an organisation which started out with a bread distribution program, but has now expanded into many more charitable initiatives, including amongst many more – a toy redistribution and food donation scheme. This year, the directors also decided to create a work which was loosely inspired by the personal experiences of various batchmates, making the performance not only an enjoyable one, but also one which was very honest and heartfelt.

The play chronicled the lives of 8 law students and their experiences in NUS Law school, and examined how their journeys in school have shaped and impacted them as they make their final career choices. In framing the story, the play posted these 2 questions to these 8 characters – “Why did you choose to study Law?” and “Where do you see yourself 5 years after you graduate?” With these 2 questions framing the narrative, we witness the 8 characters’ struggles with the stress of academic life, their parents’ expectations, passion, dreams, and their first love. Through these formative years in law school, the characters also learnt new things about themselves, and others, influencing the choices they made about their future as well.

Featuring an original script, music and choreography by the graduating class of 2013, this year, we managed to take the audience on an emotional journey with us – engaging them not only with fun and humour through witty lines, but also touching them by exploring issues relating to family, relationships and aspirations.  When we heard the applause and the praise showered upon us after the play ended, we were extremely grateful that the piece resonated with the audience as much as it did with us. 


This year, we are extremely thankful for the generous support of our sponsors - CYC The Custom Shop, Joyce A Tan & Partners, Shook Lin & Bok, and WongPartnership for assisting financially in making the production an extremely successful one. Special thanks are also due to our guest-of-honor, Dean Simon Chesterman, our donors, members of the Faculty, our schoolmates, friends and family for the overwhelming support given to us for Law IV 2013 – Faces of Life.

To end off with a quote from our Producers’ Message, Law IV 2013 has been a journey, but it is a journey which has not ended. We hope that members of the audience, just like us, will continue to be informed by the experiences of it, and be inspired in our future endeavours through this unforgettable experience.





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Law IV 2013 adopted not one, but two beneficiaries – Class of 2013 Book Grant and Food from the Heart.