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Class Reunions

 The Legal Service, private practice, business – Sat Pal Khattar ’66 has excelled at all of them. Mr Khattar worked in the Attorney-General’s Chambers upon graduating from the law faculty and subsequently became a Legal Officer at the Inland Revenue Department. In this interview, he tells Victor Katheyas ’13 more about his career as well as what motivates him to give back to his alma mater. He shares his reasons with Victor Katheyas ’13.     

Dean's Diary

The Dean shares more about the newly set up Advisory Council, faculty and student achievements, new research centres, establishment of new professorships and also an introduction to new faculty members. Click here to find out more.


Class of ’82 celebrates 30th Anniversary Reunion

On 1st December 2012, the Class of 1982 reunited after 30 years at the lovely Oei Tiong Ham Lobby at NUS Law. It was truly a night of a thousand stars with 14 lecturers present – the highest for a class reunion! It was indeed a legend reborn. Click here to read more.


Faces of Life (FoL) Law IV Concert, a trip down memory lane

Every year, the graduating batch of students from the NUS Faculty of Law will put up a charity musical to do their part for the community, whilst showcasing the hidden talents of the batch. This year is no different. However, what was different was the approach taken by the organizing committee this year. Click here to find out more.


KGC Lecture: Social Law, the Environment and Development – Considerations of a Success Story

Law academics and researchers from over 20 universities came together in Singapore to discuss the latest developments in Property Law. Click here to find out more.



NUS-SMU-HKU Symposium 2013 

Rights in Asia: Naming, Blaming and Claiming- The 4th Biennial Symposium for Law Faculty from The University of Hong Kong, Singapore Management University, and the National University of Singapore took place on 10 & 11 January 2013. A sharing by Centre for Asian Legal Studies Director, Professor Andrew Harding. Click here to read more.



Law School Benefactors

1 November 2012 to 31 December 2012
ABOVE $100,000
Sat Pal Khattar Professorship in Tax Law
Mr Sat Pal Khattar ’71
ABOVE $10,000
Class of 1982 Bursary
The Honourable Attorney-General Chong Horng Siong, Steven ’82
Mr Davinder Singh s/o Amar Singh ’82
Mr Yim Wing Kuen, Jimmy ’82
Mr Gwee Tiong Hai, Raymond ’82
Mr Koh Juay Kherng ’82
Kwa Geok Choo Scholarship
Sembcorp Cogen Pte Ltd
Lionel A. Sheridan Professorship 
Mr Lim Peng Huan & Ms Sim Pei Fang
Mr Amarjeet Singh ’62
Lee Sheridan Legal Education Fund
Mr Woon Cheong Ming, Walter ’81
Peter Ellinger Fund
Drew & Napier LLC
Tan Han Boon Bursary
Mr Tan Chong Huat ’89
ABOVE $1,000
Class of 1982 Bursary
Ms Toh Bao En 
Associate Professor Low Kee Yang ’82
Class of 1986 - Bennett Lam Scholarship Fund
Ms Fong Foong Chao, Joyce ’86
Class of 1992 Pro Bono Grant
Mr Chua Siang Hwee, Jeffrey ’92
Mr Gregory Vijayendran ’92
Faculty of Law General Account
Mr Chan Mun Bin ’94
Isabel Chng Mui Lin Intellectual Property Book Grant Fund
Professor Ng-Loy Wee Loon ’87
Law Society of Singapore Book Prizes
The Law Society of Singapore
Lee Sheridan Legal Education Fund
Professor Tan Yock Lin
Mr Tung Yang Thong, Isaac ’00
UP TO $1,000
Class of 1982 Bursary
Ms Chen Tze Penn
Dr Toh See Kiat ’82
Class of 1985 Bursary
Ms Tan Lay Hong ’85
Class of 1989 Grant
Mr Fong Wei Kurk ’01
Class of 1992 Pro Bono Grant
Mr Mohan s/o Ramamirtha Subbaraman ’92
Mr Lee Eng Beng ’92
Mr Lee Kay Tuan, David ’92
Ms Lai Kwai-Yi, Veronica ’92
Mr Oommen Mathew ’92
Mr Lim Kwee Huat, Andrew ’92
Mr Wang Tiak Kweng ’92
Mr Anparasan s/o Kamachi ’92
Mr Ng Choong Yeong, Kevin ’92
Ms Koh Hwee Keow ’92
Mr Hew Kian Heong ’92
Mr Chin Sze Choong, Eric ’92
Mr Chua Boon Chwee, Ivan ’92
Mr Lim Yee Ming ’92
Ms Wan Wai-Yin, Julia ’92
Class of 1995 Award
Assistant Professor Lee Tsen-Ta, Jack ’95
Faculty of Law General Account
Bernard & Rada Law Corporation
Mr Thevanathan A V Pillay ’77
Isabel Chng Mui Lin Intellectual Property Book Grant Fund
Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee ’79
Mr John David Piontkowski & Ms Jessica Woo
Kwa Geok Choo Bursary 
Mr Cheah Kok Lim ’86
Ms Seng Yi Lin ’05
Professor Tang Hang Wu ’95
Ms Lim Lishan, Deborah Evelyn
Ms Lim Lee Ling, Colleen ’11
Lee Sheridan Legal Education Fund
Professor Simon Chesterman
Professor Jeffrey Pinsler
Mr Kok Pin Chin, Stanley ’03
Mr Kronenburg Edmund Jerome ’96
Assistant Professor Wee Meng Seng ’93
Mr Lee Ming-Le, Jonathan ’10
Mr Lee Jian Le, Marcus ’11
Ms Yap Eng Sui, Petrine ’78
Ms Swati Suryakant Jhaveri
Associate Professor Ng Siew Kuan, Elizabeth
Mr Oh Chin Lock
Mr Woo Tchi Chu ’71
Ms Melvelyn Sanchez Barrozo ’12
Ms Teh Yin Ee, Carol ’08
Ms Lim Chin Ping, Suzanne ’96
Mr Premsai Chandrasekaran ’10
Mr Ng Minhui ’11
Assistant Professor Arif Jamal
Peacemakers' Prize In Mediation
Ms Charmian Aw ’05




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