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NUS Graduating Batch of 2013 Farewell Dinner

Contributed by Chan Yong Neng '13 & Goh Jun Yi '13

The Class of 2013 Farewell Dinner, sponsored by the Deanery and put together with the assistance of the Student Affairs division, was a night of celebration for all of us graduating this year. Taking the form of an awards ceremony (complete with guest presenters and nomination clips!), the distinct personality of the graduating batch was on display from the outset. Three of our classmates arrived in the traditional Middle-Eastern Keffiyeh; and emcees Rich Seet, Eddy Hirono and Lau Qiuyu started the evening off with relentless teasing in their opening item. An evening of camaraderie, photo-taking, heart-felt reflections and laughter ensued in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

NUS Law Dean, Prof Simon Chesterman began the programme with his warm wishes and a toast to the Class, thanking them for their contributions; while Class Committee President Peh Zu Hao reflected on numerous milestones of the cohort's journey, concluding with a proud exclamation of the successful establishment of the Class of 2013 Book Grant with an initial contribution of close to S$8,000.

The evening followed with a walk down memory lane with a photo montage put together by Hariz Lee and Nicole Mao. A total of 10 awards that took the theme of Past, Present and Future (with the winners nominated and voted by the class!) were then presented by Faculty and Student Representatives who shared some of their fondest Law School memories.

Tan Zhi Feng took the “Most likely to be Next Dean” award from Prof Chesterman, who noted that Zhi Feng will join the Chen dynasty of deans at the Law Faculty that was established in 1980 (Tan, Chin and apparently Chesterman in mandarin are all Chen). Zhi Feng duly proved his political finesse when he thanked the Professors for all that they have done for us.

Nicholas Ong and Hariz Lee won “Best Male” and “Female Athlete” respectively, stretching the definition of “best” and “female”. Kok Zihao, with his abs of steel, won “Mr Bachelor”, and will have in his company Lau Qiuyu and Clara Leow who tied to win “Ms Bachelorette”.      

Jeremy Mark Pereira in a close race took home the “Un-Valedictorian Award”, while Lau Qiuyu proved to be the biggest winner of the night when she took home “Most Memorable Quote” for her outrageous Facebook comment.

Prof Chesterman congratulates Jeremy Mark Pereira on his award.

Mubin Shah, who was a frontrunner for multiple awards, took home “Person who most likely informed New Paper that Prof Beckman missed a class” after Prof Tan Cheng Han declared him winner. Rounding off the awards winners are Ng Jean Ting who beat some stiff competition to win “Most Likely to Have 4 Children”.

Mubin Shah, one of three who came in the traditional Middle-Eastern Keffiyeh.

The spontaneity of the night culminated with Prof Tan Cheng Han giving a farewell speech while co-presenting an award with look-alike Tan Zhi Feng. Drawing examples from his own experiences, Prof Tan provided the cohort with strong advice and encouragement as always, and the cohort responded with applause and laughter. As the night wound down, we were all reluctant to leave and many of us stayed on to take more photographs with Faculty and friends, before we were whisked away to the after-party at Aloha Changi.

Prof Tan with his look-alike, Tan Zhi Feng. 

It was a great evening, filled with much nostalgia, fun and laughter – a huge thank you to the staff who made this possible, as well as the Professors and friends who joined us for the evening!


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