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Lee Heng Yong ’64 

wins the award for being our most senior alumnus to send in an online update! He says, “Hello from the beautiful and scenic beaches of the East Coast of Malaysia, located at Teluk Champedak, Kuantan; and the delightful and unforgetable tastes of Kuantan satay and salt fishes.  See you soon!” Is that an invitation, Heng Yong?


Ahmad Moosdeen ’72 sends greetings from Kuala Lumpur. “Law school was fun. Practice is unreal as I am forever giving advice (for which I am paid); which I would not accept if given to me (for I like to make my own mistakes).”


Congratulations to Magdeline Mui Leng Fadjiar (nee Tan) ’75 on becoming a grandmother on Christmas day 2009! She and her family have been residing in Perth, Western Australia for almost 30 years now. 


Tan Lean Tee ’75 sends greetings to everyone from the Class of 1975 - “I am from Penang and I have a law practice  in Penang. My husband is also in Penang and my only son is working in Kuala Lumpur. I would like to keep in touch with people from NUS; especially graduates from the year of 1975. Good to have LawLink to keep us all in the loop!” It’s our pleasure, Lean Tee!


Monica Oen ’87 sends greetings from London, where she has been living since 1991. She retired this past Summer, after having worked all this time in bank finance at Norton Rose, save for a 3.5-year stint at Shearman & Sterling London from 2000 to 2004.


Anita Fam ’86 retired 10 years ago to devote herself to her family. Since then, she has immersed herself in community work and is a full-time volunteer, both at charity and national level, in the areas of disability, hospice, family, marriage and integrated health.

Goh Eck Kheng '80, Anita Fam '86 and familyShe’s married to publisher and Chair of the Speak Good English Movement, Goh Eck Kheng ’80 and they have 2 children, Gillian (11 years old) and Timothy (10 years old). Anita chairs Marriage Central and is the Vice President of the Asian Women's Welfare Association.

She is also a board member of several non-profit organisations, including the National Council of Social Service, National Family Council, National Healthcare Group, Singapore Hospice Council, Singapore International Foundation, Assisi Hospice, St Andrew's Autism Centre, St Andrew’s Autism School and Sembawang Family Service Centre.

Anita, how do you find enough hours in the day to do all that? Kudos to you!


Christopher Soh ’92 has quite possibly the most unusual career trajectory of all our alumni - he explains: “I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 2005 and now find myself in California, pursuing a graduate degree in religious studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara ... all of which may sound a lot more impressive than it really is. Much of my time is spent sitting in a coffee shop pretending to read a book I don't really understand ... All the best to the Class of '92!”


Would you like to increase your sense of well-being? Call Arti Daryanani ’92 - she says, “Right now I am with a company called Paradigm Wellness - we organise wellness related events, workshops, teacher training, etc. Our current focus is on a range of holistic, movement based modalities, including yoga, pilates, Gyrotonic Expansion System and dance/movement.” For more information, you can can check out their website at


Jane Lau ’93 has been freelancing in the media industry and is now Coordinator for Parish Catechesis for the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore. She is also acting in the new Okto (Kids Central) TV series “100 Wishes”.

Benjamin Ang ’93 is a lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Business (Law and Management Division), where he’s teaching subjects including Intellectual Property and Company Law.

Ben Ang '93 and Jane Lau '93 - Cosmic ArmchairBen and Jane formed the synthpop duo Cosmic Armchair in 2009 and recently released their second CD “A Second Look” during the BayBeats 2010 Festival at the Esplanade. They were also one of the top 5 finalists in Warner Music Singapore’s Linkin Park “The Catalyst” Remix Contest.

Reviewers have said that they sound like Depeche Mode or Pet Shop Boys (but with female vocals). Their music is on sale at The Esplanade Shop and by digital download on iTunes and on their website:


Tan Loke Yong Luke ’93 LLM ’01 reports that he is back with the Attorney General’s Chambers after 10 years out in the Ministry. He says, “I had a good time out, but it’s also good to be back.”


Juliane Chew ’93 sends her greetings from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.Juliane Chew ’93 and family “I am married to Ian Chai and have two children, Joni & Hannah. I am currently a freelance copy-editor while Ian is a senior lecturer at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia.”


Kelvin Chia Swee Chye ’94 writes: “I have been in the same law firm for the last 13 years, and am litigation partner - older and (hopefully) wiser. Kids are definitely more tiring than Court work!”


Pauline Leong Pooi Yin ’96 says, “Hi! I'm currently teaching at a local private university in Petaling Jaya, handling subjects like Media Ethics and Communication Law. I completed my Master's in Mass Communications in 2004 from Nanyang Technological University.”


Suzanne Lim ’96 is one busy lady: After three-and-a-half years with NUS' Development Office, Suzanne Lim upped and moved “to the boonies” to become Assistant Director at NTU's Office of University Advancement in July 2009. There, she is kept busy helping to oversee development (of the fundraising and not the infrastructural variety!), alumni relations and corporate communications. When not doing that - and battling the daily grind that is commuting on the PIE - she plots food adventures with her makan kakis, engineers mini-breaks (and the occasional longer vacation), indulges her “fur kid” (i.e. treasured dog) Eddy, and engages in wakeboarding while her knees can still take it. (When the knees go, she reckons she can spend the time improving her currently almost non-existent golfing skills.)


Haslynda Dahlan ’97 tells us: “I’m still alive! I left the teaching profession - toodling my way to getting called to the Bar (fingers crossed) - and then went back to the teaching profession, but part-time only and this time with Mindchamps. The older I get, the younger my students: they started off as 17-18 year olds but are now 11-12 year olds.”


Ng Sim Leng DipSL ’01 writes: “After being called to the bar, I worked in a couple of law firms and am now working in-house. Dining out and travelling remain my passion. I certainly hope to discover the whereabouts of those with whom I have lost touch.”


Linda Ong ’01 and Loo Eng Teck ’03 of rock band LunarinVocalist and bassist Linda Ong ’01 and drummer Loo Eng Teck ’03 send greetings from their band, Lunarin. They released their second album, Duae, on 20 August 2010. The album is available for sale at all Gramophone stores, the Esplanade Shop, Straits Records, Books Actually, Roxy Records, Hell's Labyrinth, and online at To find out more about the band, go to their website:


Daryl Lim ’04, LLM ’06 is currently at Fordham Law School teaching courses which include U.S. patent and copyright law, the interface between IP and antitrust law and European IP law. After leaving practice in 2007, his journey towards academia has taken him through Munich, London, Palo Alto, Washington D.C. and New York. While he rarely encounters another Singaporean in daily life, he is grateful for the welcome dash of Singlish conversation wherever authentic local fare is served.


Luo Ling Ling ’07 sends her regards: “I have been working in Colin Ng & Partners since pupillage in 2007. My gratitude goes to the Law Faculty and all friends in Law School who helped my family, one way or another, when I had a baby girl in year 3. My baby girl is now turning 5 years old and her baby brother is now 2 years old. I enjoy my work in litigation despite the long hours, thanks to my hubby’s support by picking up the children from school faithfully after his work each day!”


Bryna Yeo ’07 and Louis Ng ’08 are pleased to announce their engagement. The wedding will have to wait till after 2012 though, as Louis is currently pursuing an MSC in Law and Finance at the University of Oxford. Congratulations to the happy couple!


A Revi Shanker S/O K. Annamalai DipSL ’08 reports: “I am currently practicing as an Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore. My firm's name is M/s Kalamohan & Co. My wife is a teacher and my daughter is going to Primary One next year.”


Yasmin-Olivia Helvadjian LLM ’08 reports: “Since graduation from the LLM (IBL) programme I have been working for the Austrian Bankers Association in  the field of European and international banking law.”


 Rani Singam '94Put this date in your diaries: 29 December 2010. Our very own jazz pianist and organist Chok Kerong ’08 will be performing at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre at 7:30 pm and 8:45 pm. Admission is free! Kerong is emerging as a prominent voice in the Singaporean jazz scene; and his journey in music has led him to perform with artists like Eli Degibri, Frank Wess, Eugene Pao and Steve Wilson.

Chok Kerong '08To make this occasion even more special, he will be performing with special guest vocalist Rani Singam ’94! Come and watch Rani in a rare public performance!


Lin Shumin ’08 and Jared Chen ’09Congratulations to Lin Shumin ’08 and Jared Chen ’09, who were married on 1 October 2010! You make a lovely couple.

Dennis Tan Jit Han ’10 will be starting work at Drew & Napier in 2011. He says, “Let the games begin!” Have fun, Dennis!


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