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Class of '90: 20th Anniversary Reunion

Happy to be at the reunion, can you tell?

The Class of 1990 held their 20th anniversary reunion on 24 Sept 2010 at Raffles Town Club. Here is their report on a night of nostalgia and fun


Candidates for the Sama Sama AwardClassmates at the Class of 1990 reunion were greeted by loud music from the 1980s, as well as black and white photos of every classmate, extracted from the Class Yearbook. The old photos reminded us how we looked 20 years ago. Everyone had fun trying to identify the persons in the photos! Everyone received a souvenir DVD which contained a video of the class Law IV Concert, a PDF version of the Class Yearbook and graduation photo.



A slide show presentation started with greetings from classmates who were overseas, followed by a montage of old photos and video footage from our Law IV Concert. There was also a games segment, where every table competed to answer correctly 10 trivia questions about our classmates and former lecturers.


Two awards were presented. The first was the “Transformer Award” to honour the most transformed classmate. Lim Lian Kee ’90 won it after impressing the class with his current image of long hair, moustache and mini beard.

The second was the “Sama Sama Award” to honour the most unchanged classmate. It was a close fight, but Chu Shiquan ’90 won it in the end. The class also recognised Toh Kian Sing SC ’90 and Andre Maniam SC ’90 for making us proud.

The reunion officially ended at 10:30 pm. However, many nostalgic classmates lingered on until close to midnight … a sure sign that the reunion was a success.





(Click here for the complete album of photos from the event)

- Thanks to the Class of 1990 for contributing the report and the photos



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