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Welcome to the inaugural issue of LawLink online. While the law school will for now continue to have an annual hard copy issue of LawLink, we are experimenting with online issues for a variety of reasons principal of which is to allow us to update our alumni on a more timely basis.

The law school hopes to keep in touch with as many alumni as possible and we hope that this medium, together with one hard copy issue each year, will make us more effective in doing so.

As usual, LawLink will bring you the latest news about the law school and keep you updated on forthcoming events.

I am happy to say that the law school is in good health and there are a number of interesting initiatives that are in the pipeline including a major curriculum review exercise.

The last major curriculum review was completed in 2002 and although there have since been 2 minor curriculum reviews, my colleagues and I feel that it is timely for a major review to take place. In doing so we intend to study carefully what other law schools are doing as we re-examine our present practices.

We also intend to solicit views from members of the legal profession and our student community before finalising our report. Future issues of LawLink will provide more information on the curriculum review and other initiatives that are currently in the planning stages.


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